Tournez le dos aux difficultés que vous rencontrez,
Réalisez votre désir de changement,
Vivez ce qui fait sens pour vous,
Soyez qui vous voulez être 

Energy and Quantum Care

Energy and Quantum care

help you in prevention or in case of proven disorders

Magnetism and Quantum care Do you want to preserve a good mental, emotional, physical and energy balance ?

Energy and Quantum care are a gentle and non-intrusive method of care.

I recommend 4 sessions per year, minimum 2: before spring and before autumn.

A session before an exam could help to rebalance the body’s overall energy and better manage stress.


Feeling tired, stressed, anxious, angry, sad, or in another negative emotion?

Energy and quantum care can help you understand the sources of negative emotions and transform them. (*)

Depending on the source, it generally takes 3 to 5 sessions.

Magnetism You want to best manage a future stressful or anxiogenic situation – exam, job interview, hospitalization…?

Energy and quantum care will can help you approach the situation with less stress, more positivism and a winning spirit. (*)

Depending of the delay and your state of nervousness or anxiety, I usualy recommand 1 to 3 sessions.


You feel stuck in your life, the past seems to invade your present, or you have the impression of carrying something that does not belong to you?

Energy and quantum care can help you understand what is happening and release the energies blocked in you.

Sometimes it’s something in your life, sometimes it’s your family history, sometimes it’s a past life. It can also be several things that must be released one by one. (*)

This makes it difficult to know in advance how many sessions you will need.


Do you suffer or have a disease?

Energy and quantum care can help you relieve physical and emotional pain. (*)

Since every person is different it’s difficult to know in advance how many sessions you will need.


You have just moved to a new place or you have the feeling that your place of residence releases a mediocre energy?

Energy will allow to clean the energies of the previous inhabitants to replace it by a new and neutral energy which will become more in harmony with yours or that of your family.

Only 1 session on site is necessary.

(*) Energy session in my consultation room in St Albans (Hertfordshire, UK), at home in St Albans or London, or remotely with a photo.

I work for children, adults, sick or disabled person & animals.

I’m not healing anything. I breathe a new energy into the patient’s body, thanks to which he will find his way back to recovery, if he can. The results obtained, even when they are unexpected, are not miracles. 

Energy care does not replace traditional medicine.